Multi-campus Layer2 Network Fabric

William Dauchy -

Kernel Recipes 2015

Kernel Recipes 2013

  • provide large scale multi-tenancy

Kernel Recipes 2013: requirements

  • Seamless VM mobility
  • Easy management
  • Layer 2 core scaling
  • Fault resiliance
  • VLAN scalability

Large scale multi-tenancy

Multiples users using same resources


TRILL + VNT frame format

TRILL based data center

Multi campus datacenter

Multi campus TRILL based datacenter

the obvious solution

TRILL - zone extension?

  • merge zone within trill:
    • topology calculation slow down
    • unique huge area to manage
    • all nicknames must be unique
    • multicast traffic non sense

merging issues

Multi Level TRILL Protocol (MLTP)

MLTP levels

  • level 1: campus
  • level 2: backbone

Border rbridge

control plane: link level

Gateway redundancy

Having many gateways?

  • choose the closest RBridge?
    • What if it fails?
    • What if the return path is different?

pseudo gateway

  • Uniform way to go outside the campus
  • Manage redundancy themselves

Multi Level TRILL Protocol (MLTP)

Multi-level topology building

Resolving nickname collision

TRILL header

MLTP header

MLTP level values

TRILL base code evolution

  • first implementation in Linux Bridge
    • version evolution in production (v3.4 - v3.10 - v3.14 - v4.1)
  • testing public network using TRILL

future development?

  • Control plane: OpenVSwitch
    • more attractive nowadays
    • central view
  • Data plane: programmable network cards
    • move the dataplane closer to the network to reduce latency

IEEE Cloudnet 2015

Valentin Del Piccolo (Ph.d student), William Dauchy

"Multi-Tenant Isolation in a TRILL Based Multi-Campus Network"

Gandi SAS - University Pierre & Marie Curie

TRILL + VNT sources:

Gandi Hosting -

William Dauchy -